Armorcam Selflevel Camera Head plus Spring and Trasnmitter

If you are in need of a replacement camera head and transmitter we can upgrade your unit if you have 200 ft of push rod .

Camera Head $1,150

Spring /Transmitter $645

Flip Your Push Rod

When your cable is worn out on your Ridgid camera or any other brand on the front end of the cable we can flip it placing the new cable in the front where the camera head is. This way you will avoid future kinks therefore lose footage. ..$340

RIDGID Monitor Repair

The price on all monitor repair is $95 per hr plus parts.

Replace Axle Bushing Gaskets (2)

Replace Axle Bushing Gaskets

To Avoid water intrusion to the Slip Rings

Slip Rings allow your footage counter to read the footage and if Slip Rings get damaged you can lose video or video in & out when you spin the drum ...$12.50 + $75 Installation 

Ridgid 71167, ASM HUB

RIDGID HUB Assembly where Footage Counter is connected to if broken this is the replacemnent part ...Price may vary

RIDGID Mini Push Rod Replacement

If you need to replace your push rod On your RIDGID  we have 100 ft of push rod or 200 ft replacement. Approximately 1 day Turnaround. ..$1,699 (200ft)

RIDGID Slip Rings

If you are experiencing intermittent on the picture On your RIDGID spin the drum and if it happens then is because the Slip Ring need to be replaced inside the drum . Approximate 1 day.

RIDGID Transmitter 512 HZ

When your locator  is not reading your RIDGID camera signal or is not strong enough on the distance desired you need to replace your transmitter. Our Inline transmitter has a reach of 15 feet depth.  Approximately 60 minutes...$638


When your cable (Push Rod) is kinked we will need to cut the kink off and reattached your camera head to the dry end ...$225

Replace RIDGID Short Coil

RIDGID drain camera Short Coil this part will need to be replaced when you video or power wire creates intermittent on your image due to water intrusion or ripped cable...$135

RIDGID Mini Camera Head Refurbished

Our Refurbished camera RIDGID service is cover by our 1 year warranty. We will convert your B&W camera head to Color .Approximately 2 days...$850

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